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August 4, 2015  -  Windows 10 Ransomware!

Windows 10 has been released! However, not everyone will be reciving their upgrade at the same time. Hackers have begun attacking those waiting for their upgrade with a new kind of ransomware. The attack involves an e-mail that claims it contains an installer that will aloow users to obtain their copy of Windows 10 right away. Once installed, this malware encrypts your computers hard drive making it impossible to access your files and data. The user is then directed to pay a ransom to recover their information. DO NOT OPEN THIS ATTACHMENT! For more information please visit this blogpost by Cisco Security researchers.


July 1, 2015  -  Are You Ready for Windows 10?

Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft will be available July 29th, are you ready? Does your existing computer qualify for the free upgrade? Have you already reserved your copy? For more information visit the Windows 10 website or contact Henry for all the details.



April 8, 2014  -  Support for Windows XP has ENDED!

Support for Microsoft Windows XP operating system has officially ended as of April 8th, 2014. If you have any questions about what this means to you or what your options are please contact me via e-mail at or telephone (902) 659-2447.



February 20, 2014 - Support for Windows XP is Ending!

Effective April 8, 2014 Microsoft is ending support for the Windows XP operating system. For more information please visit the official Microsoft website.



January 2013 - Live Mesh Service to be Retired

Microsoft has announced an end to their Live Mesh service effective February 13, 2013. If you are currently using Live Mesh to sync files between devices you must transfer your account to Microsoft SkyDrive or find an alternative provider. Please click for more information.


July 2012 - DNS Changer Malware Threat

Are you ready for July 9th? To check your computer for the DNS Changer Malware infection please visit the Canadian Internet Registration Authority website and use their free online checking tool. For more information regarding this threat please check out the following links:

Canadian Internet Registration Authority

Public Safety Canada

DNS Changer Working Group

Federal Bureau of Investigation


October 2011 - RCMP warn of computer support phone Scam

There has been an increase in the number of reports concerning a phone scam in which a telephone caller will claim to be from "Microsoft Support", "Windows Support" or some similarly official sounding company name. The caller will then attempt to convince you that there is a problem with your computer. Next, they will claim to be able to repair and/or speed up your computer if you grant them remote access. You will be asked for credit card information to pay for this "service". You will then be directed to a website to download and install software that will allow remote access and control of your computer so that they may effect this "repair".


Do not give out any personal or banking information and do not install this software!

If you have been victimized by this scam it is important that your computer is checked for dangerous software such as viruses, malware, key logging or tracking software that may have been installed during the commission of this scam.

The RCMP have issued a warning to Canadians. Please click here to read the article published in The Guardian newspaper.









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