I can provide in-home or drop-off services for your electronic devices. For a sample of some of the services offered please check out the list below or contact me for more information.

Computer & Internet
  • one-on-one instruction
  • maintenance
  • software updates
  • network setup
  • parts & sales
  • e-mail setup
  • buy & sell on e-Bay
  • online job search
  • virus removal
  • system tune-ups
  • memory upgrades
  • web design
  • new system setup
  • internet connectivity
  • book travel online
  • download music
  • software install/remove
  • speed up your computer
  • hardware/parts installation
  • error message diagnosis
  • in-home/drop-off service
  • data integrity solutions
  • backup/storage/retrieval
  • online research
  • video security
  • home theatre setup
  • digital cameras
  • video/photo editing
  • photo printing
  • photo/document scanning
  • video conversion
  • VHS/Hi8 to CD/DVD
  • photo CD/DVD
    ...and much more

If you don't see it on the list - don't worry! Tell me your specific needs and together we'll find a solution that's right for you! 





Digital Video Camera



Big Screen TV



Digital Camera